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If It Happened Today

If It Happened Today contains 12 stories, each a humorous interpretation of a classic tale brought forward into the 21st century. The stories are:

Aladdin.  The genie, in a blue overall, steel-capped boots and a safety helmet, is worried about health and safety but grants Aladdin's three wishes. There is a downloadable version below.

Cinderella – with her crystal glass mask sees both the inner personality and outer person of everyone at the Prince's ball.

Jackie and the Beanstalk – Jackie uses a Beanz-Talk V7 computer to find dark goings-on within Darclay’s Bank where the GIANT system guards their secrets.


The Pied Piper of Hamelin – The Pied Piper helps Hamelin Bank rid themselves of a vicious computer virus but foolishly they don't pay the bill. The pied piper's revenge is sweet.

Sleeping Beauty - is woken by a Prince concert in the castle grounds.

Pinocchio – the robot who finds love en route to becoming human.

Rumpelstiltskin – Alice plays the overnight money market remarkably successfully with a little help from an immigrant cleaner.

Red Riding Hood – the wolf gets the surprise of its life.

Robin Hood – finds an innovative way to get the rich to give to the poor

The Emperor’s New Clothes – a holographic suit gets the Serpent’s Den TV show panelists very excited.

Lady Godiva – rides her motorbike from Coventry to London to complain, like her ancestor, about taxation.

The Vegan Vampire – Young Dr Acula doesn't like killing humans for his family's essential blood so opens a blood bank.

What else could go wrong? - An updated version of the nativity.

Ghosts of Project Managers Past

Gore is a love story set in parallel universes.


Bizarre events lead the antagonist, Simon, to uncover the truth behind a magazine's ability to be present at the time and place of terrible incidents, accidents and murders and its willingness to print closeup detail.


When his own love, Susan, dies in a horrible accident also photographed by GORE magazine, he blackmails the magazine's management and travels to a parallel universe where Susan's double is alive and well.  But first he has to deal with his own doppelganger and the very vengeful magazine's bosses.


Ghosts of Project Managers Past examines the great history of man's achievements*. 

These are tales of great challenge, great successes and fantastic failures.

Some cover little known facets of well known projects and others feature much less well known but fascinating projects.

Chin Shi Huang - unified China in 221 BC  and built the Great Wall

Heminun was Overseer of All Construction Projects of King Khufu and built the Great Pyramid at Giza

Eduard Ferdinand Marie Vicomte de Lesseps - huge success at Suez and complete failure at Panama

Lieutenant Colonel George Washington Geothals  - success at Panama

Robert Oppenheimer - led the team in the Alamo developing the atomic bomb

Ramases II  - built the monument at Abu Simbel which was later moved to a new location by UNESCO

Sir Christopher Wren built the radical St Paul’s Cathedral

JF Kennedy – Moon Landing

Frank T Crowe - Superintendent of Construction of the Hoover Dam

Lord John Hunt – project manager of the first successful ascent of Mount Everest.

Mehmet Aga - Blue Mosque, Istanbul

Shah Jahan - Taj Mahal

Churchill – Mulberry Harbours

James Brindley - the English canal system
Prince Albert – Crystal Palace
Vanderbilt/Rockefeller - US Railroads or the Grand Trunk in particular
IK Brunel

George and Robert Stephenson

Joseph Locke - Lancaster to Carlisle railway

The Underground Churches at Lallibella, Ethiopia 


* I have been unable to find any female project managers before the 20th century.

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