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I am a very practiced and exerienced motivational speaker.

In my motivational talks I offer entertainment

and education in a mix to suit the audience.

I specialise in history's great projects. My talks, titled : 

The Ghosts of Project Managers Past

have been received very, very well with projects people from all industries

including construction, engineering, IT, finance, sport pharma and the public sector.

These fabulously illustrated talks cover unusual aspects of well-know projects including the Giza Pyramids, Great Wall, Suez, Panama, Man on the Moon, First Ascent of Everest and many others. 

I also introduce fascinating but less well

know projects like Abu Symbel,

The Underground Churches at Lallibella,

The Mulberry Harbours, Bamian and others.

This all shows the great contribution the project management profession has, and continues to deliver to humanity.